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"Magnetic Field Festival"

Magnetic Field Festival 2017 is the best musical carnival in Alsisar, Rajasthan. It is included in one of the best Musical fests in the world.

This awesome Festival organized in Alsisar Palace of Jhunjhunu District of Shekhawati in Rajasthan.

From 15th Dec To 17th Dec




Free Snacks


Free Liquor


Free Soft drinks

Reasons to visit Magnetic Field Festival 2017 in Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan.

Here international and national music composer or DJ Movers come to celebrate this night party.

They live in Hotels, Havelis, and Tants that means "tamboo".This Magnetic Field Festival is more than a musical carnival.

The Alsisar Palace is the 17th century's, Alsisar Mahal. It converted in Luxurious Alsisar Mahal or palace in 2016.

After that Magnetic field festival is started to organize for Indian or foreign tourists to give them a fun or enjoyment in this fest.

It is the best place to enjoy in the month of November and December because at that time tourists come in large amount in Alsisar, Rajasthan

  What is Alsisar? And Why are we talking about it?

Alsisar is the small town in Northen-western of Jhunjhunu District of Shekhawati of Rajasthan.

Its distance from Jhunjhunu District is almost 22-25 KM and From Jaipur, Its distance is 192 KM.

You can hire cab or taxi or affordable price from Jaipur to Alsisar and Alsisar to Jaipur.

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From Delhi, its distance is almost 222-225KM and estimate timing is 5-6 Hours to From Alsisar to Delhi.

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In Alsisar you will see lots of temples, Havelis, cenotaph, and one of the most famous points of Alsisar is its Semi rigid Desert which gives the Feeling of Shekhawati of Rajasthan.

  Most famous tourist places of Alsisar:

Here, have a look-

  • Satya Narayan temple
  • Shri Rani Sati temple
  • Alsisar Mahal (Alsisar Palace)
  • Kataoka's haveli.
  • Shri Lal Bahadur Ramjas Jhunjhunuwala’s haveli
  • Lakhaka’s haveli
  • Mahali Dutt Khaitan's haveli
  • Arjun Ram Chetan's haveli
  • Thakur Chhotu Singh’s Cenotaph
  • Poonia haveli
  • Panchayat Samiti of Alsisar
  • Gate of Alsisar
  • Gopinath Temple
  • Balaji's Temple in chauk
  • Mataji’s temple

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Alsisar is the famous town nearby jhunjhunu district. It is almost 25-27 KM from Jhunjhunu District and its distance from Jaipur is 192-194 KM.

If we talk about its distance from Delhi is almost 287 KM via NH9.

Sadulpur to Alsisar Taxi:

Sadulpur: It is the railway station in Rajgarh which is the small town and tehsil in Churu District of northern part of Rajasthan, India. In recent time period it has become a famous name in rajgarh or you can say that it is synonym of Rajgarh.

Sadulpur Railway Station is name on Maharaja of Bikaner Sadul Singh.

Rajgarh is the place where Rathore and Poonia royal family had ruled.

The great and most famous Rajgarh Fort was built in 1766 by Maharaja Gaj Singh Bahadur on his son’s name was Raj Singh Bahadur of Bikaner.

In the time of construction of this fort they have to fight with local tribes of Rajgarh. In this war Maharaja was defeated them and from this success Bikaner rulers are happy and felt proud themselves.

Rajgarh is closer to the Haryana border. It is connected to the Alsisar, Delhi, Jaipur, Hisaar, and other states and cities by road.

In Sadulpur most famous tourist place is Karni mata temple, Bikaner.

Sadulpur railway station is almost 240 KM from delhi via NH10 via Rohtak, Hissar.

Shorter route from Delhi to Sadulpur railway station is via Rohtak, Bhiwani, bahal.

Distance from Sadulpur to Alsisar is almost 42-45 KM and overall time to travel is 1 hour.

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